Korg Pa800 61-Key Professional Arranger with Speakers

  • RX (Real experience) technology includes Defined Nuance Control and EDS Synthesis for great sound
  • Style engine follows your voice-leading, chording and timing for instant, on-the-fly arrangements
  • XDS Dual Song Player with crossfade; Multi-track, Backing, and Step sequencing; Pad Sequencing
  • 950+ Sounds; 64 Drum kits; 400+ Styles; 4 Stereo Multi-effects; 320 Performances, SongBook database
  • Color Touch View display – easy/expert modes, contextual help screens; robust internal sound system

$990.00 $700.00



The interactive Pa800 shares much with its larger sibling, the flagship Pa2XPro; trading the latter’s larger keyboard for a rich-sounding, four-speaker internal sound system. As with all of Korg’s interactive Pa workstations, the Pa800 uses Korg’s STYLE Engine to quickly transform musical ideas into complete, polished productions. Guided by Korg’s Real experience (RX) technology, the Pa800 combines the unbeatable EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound, Drawbar Organ modeling, state-of-the-art effects, comprehensive sample edit tools, fully realized musical Styles and a sequencer loaded with compositional aids. For the musician, composer, performer and entertainer, the Pa800 is the perfect musical partner.