Korg PA600 61-Key Professional Arranger with Color Touchview Display

  • Enhanced RX and DNC sound engine offers improved realism and vivid sound
  • Massive internal PCM delivers high quality sounds and hundreds of expressive Styles.
  • Two versions of Pa600 are available: International and Quarter Tone button variations
  • Localized Pa600 and Pa600QT data (sold separately) provides Sounds relevant to specific regions

$900.00 $500.00



Style:Korg PA600 61-Key Professional Arranger with Color Touchview Display

It’s easy to create moving music with the Korg Pa600 arranger keyboard. With over 360 musical styles, over 950 built-in sounds, and the option to expand them in the future, you’ve got a lot of potential just waiting for your creativity. And thanks to Korg’s enhanced sound engine, which tracks the nuances of your playing and translates them into subtle sound variations, your performances will sound natural and lifelike. And whether you’re playing live or composing in your studio, you’ll appreciate the Pa600’s compact size and easy-to-navigate interface. So get inspired, sit down at your Korg Pa600 arranger keyboard, and make some beautiful music! Korg Pa600 61-key Arranger Keyboard Features at a Glance: Professional arranger keyboard with over 360 music styles and over 950 sounds Custom sounds and styles can be purchased for even more musical options Enhanced RX and DNC sound engine gives you natural-sounding performances and instruments Large, color Touch View 800×400 display makes it easy to navigate your project Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 makes it easy to write guitar parts that actually sound like they’re played by a guitarist Built-in MP3 player, with Transpose and Tempo Change so you can play along in any key and tempo you like Fully-programmable Songbook database 15-watt dual-speaker sound system built in In the box: owner’s manual, music stand, accessory DVD (including video manuals), and power cable You may also want to purchase: an expression/volume pedal, damper pedal, foot switch pedal